Playing Handball

Handball is a highly competitive game that originated sometime in the 19th century. In the U.S., the game is called Team Handball. In Europe and England it has turned out to be a big sport, while fast becoming popular all over the world with most countries having their own teams. It is a highly popular sport for sportsbetting sites too such as Unibet, where you can bet on both handball and Euro 2020 betting. Handball has been in the Olympic Games itinerary ever since 1930. Many think that this unique game is somewhat complicated. Under the circumstances, it would be very interesting to know more about the intricacies of the sport by having a good idea as to the rules of the game.

Handball: Rules of The Game

Handball is played at a fast pace, involving body contact to a large extent. The game is designed for two teams, one playing against the other, with the teams comprising of seven players each, in the form of field players numbering six, and a goalie. The game is divided into two periods of 30 minutes, with a brief break. The handball court measures 20 x 40 meters, and the game takes places mostly indoors. A team is at liberty to make any changes they like while playing the game.

Handball should be played in the following manner:

  • A player can stop, catch and throw the ball from knee upwards.
  • A player cannot take more than three steps while holding on to the ball.
  • A player is allowed to dribble as well as bounce the ball.

When a player has the ball, he bounces it and picks it up, then passes it to any other player in his team. And in case he happens to bounce it, he picks the ball again and bounces it again. Then the referee grants the competing a free throw due mainly to a double bounce.

Aim of The Player

While playing Handball, the aim should be to score the maximum number of goals within 60 minutes of starting the game.

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