The Exciting Game of Handball

Handball is a team game that is very fast-paced and exciting, and as such extremely popular all over Europe, and especially in the U.K. This unique game brings together both the techniques as well as elements of basketball and soccer to create a competitive and interesting game play.

Playing Handball

Playing handball involves dribbling, passing and shooting a ball by the opposing teams, to score goals against the other team. This game is played in the singles, doubles, and also team mode. The latter is comparatively popular in America. In order to score goals against the opposing team, it is necessary to make effective use of 1 to 4 walls.

Playing in Team Mode

To play in team mode, a team can have seven players in each team present in the court at a given time. The teams have a goalie each, while the remaining players are termed court players. A team is allowed 12 players in the U.S., and there should be 14 players in the U.K. There are extra players meant for substituting players already on the handball court. A substitute enters the game when any of the players leave the court for some reason or other, as it happens in volleyball, basketball, football, or any other sport that allows substitutes. Except for the goalie, all the roles of the other players can be interchanged while a game is on.


Handball players put on uniforms numbering 1 to 20. All players of a particular team ought to wear shorts and shirts of the same colour, although the goalie wears the uniform of a different colour and style, so that he/she looks different from their teammates. In official handball matches, there should be two referees. One is in charge of the court while the other is for the goal; and whatever decisions they make are unquestionable and final.

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